Would you like specialist, evidence-based infant sleep or feeding advice from an expert in your home? 

We give you researched and experienced advice and options so that you can make informed choices that suit your parent values. Our success rates are high because we stay by your side, day and night, to give you step by step guidance and the confidence to follow through with your chosen tailor-made sleep or feeding plan.

Our holistic and completely non-judgemental approach is tailored around your infant’s unique personality and a respectful journey through your chosen plan. We take an in-depth look at your infant’s emotional and physical development, daily routine, dietary needs and much more. We also offer an online consultation service.

Doctors, Paediatricians and Child Psychologists frequently recommend us

London-based, we offer in-home consultations in the UK, Europe and Asia

Twins mum, Katie: “Miracles really do happen! We are now sleeping really solidly thanks to Baby Sleep Retreat.”

Eleanor talks about her sleep training experience

"I can’t recommend Baby Sleep Retreat highly enough"

‘I can’t recommend Baby Sleep Retreat highly enough. When my baby was 3 months old we had some serious napping issues. A short series of online calls and supportive texts and the problem was solved. The advice we received was gentle, warm and targeted towards my daughters personality and individual needs.’

Chloe, UK


“Liz got our twins to settle to sleep in their cots with little or no crying. As exhausted parents this has been life-changing for us. Her calm and gentle manner gave us the confidence to enjoy caring for our babies again.”

Juliette, London

"Suzy's advice made sense to me so I knew it was right for my babies..."

Sleep was something everyone else was getting and not us.  Suzy's advice made sense to me so I knew it was right for my babies. We are sleeping so well now and this has given me a big boost of confidence.


"I have actually got my life back thanks to Baby Sleep Retreat!"

‘I was miserable and exhausted. I needed to find someone I could really trust and who would genuinely respect my babies individual personalities. Suzy allowed me to choose what I thought I could work with and which suited my ideas as a mum of twins and an older child….. I have actually got my life back, albeit busy, thanks to Baby Sleep Retreat!’

Alexa, DUBAI

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