In-Home Consultations

Our consultations can be booked to take place both during weekdays or at weekends.

If it’s too stressful to make effective changes on your own, Suzy or Liz will be with you to guide you in ‘real time’.  They will give you reassurance and as much support and advice as you need to help you to follow through with your chosen sleep or feeding plan.

We want you to achieve your goal just as much as you do.


Are you too sleep deprived to confidently make positive changes?

Has sleep regression sent your infants sleep into waking turmoil?

Are you feeding your baby to sleep or co-sleeping just to survive?

Are early morning wakings wearing you all down?



Are you worried your baby isn’t getting enough milk?

Is your breastfed baby refusing to drink from a bottle?

Is your infant showing little interest in solid food?

Are mealtimes with your toddler becoming a battleground?



Is breastfeeding painful or are you constantly ‘cluster’ feeding?

Would you like to learn really effective winding techniques?

Does your baby ‘fight’ sleep then will only sleep on you?

Would you like to get your baby started on a sleep-friendly pattern?



Is lack of sleep affecting your family’s health and happiness?

Would you like expert advice and care to help your baby sleep well?

Would you like us to give your nanny tailor-made training?

Worried your baby isn’t reaching developmental milestones?



Do you feel like sleep is something everyone else gets?

Have you talked to singleton parents and they just don’t get it?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, in need of advice and support?

Is feeding two at the same time proving to be a challenge?



Has your infant’s nap schedule become completely erratic?

Are early morning wakings wearing you down?

Is your 7+ month old constantly feeding to get back to sleep?

Would you like advice about managing your windy baby?