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contact@babysleepretreat.com or give Suzy or Liz a quick call and we will gladly point you in the right direction.



The Booking Process

Please refer to our “how to book” section, click on "go to booking form" and complete it then click on 'submit'. You will receive a response within 24 hours.
We can guarantee dates on completion of the booking process. ie. you have agreed to the terms and conditions and transferred funds for the retainer fee. We strongly advise that, once you have decided to book a consultation, you contact her immediately prior to transferring funds either by phone or by text to check availability.
We can always give you current availability, but we regret that it is not possible to actually hold dates for any period of time prior to a confirmed booking. Our availability changes constantly with the demand and therefore we are careful to maintain a fair and efficient diary for all our clients.
Don’t worry, we politely request that you let us know this at the time of booking so that your Consultant can find a satisfactory solution. In certain cases, we can arrange for her to bring an inflatable mattress to put in the corner of the sitting room or, if you have a sofa/bed this is sufficient.
A one-off postponement of your consultation is possible in certain cases and is subject to your consultant’s availability. This will incur an administrative cost. Please refer to our Postponement/Cancellation section of our Terms and Conditions for more specific details.
We don’t accept booking requests by text. All bookings must be confirmed by completing the booking form.
Yes, of course you can do this, as long as you send us an e-mail request and book it before the last day of your existing package. Please see the 'Additions' section of your chosen package.
An infant’s sleep can appear to improve over a period of time then it may well regress back to the original sleep issue. Unless you have got to the root source of the sleep issues, we advise you maintain your booking. If you do decide to make a cancellation this must be confirmed by e-mail and our Terms and Conditions cancellation policy.

The Consultation

We do not use the main evidence-based ‘sleep training’ methods on babies under 6 months of age. Studies have shown us that younger babies are neither emotionally, mentally nor sometimes physically ready. However, with our 30+ years experience, we have created very gentle and more gradual sleep shaping techniques which set strong roots for healthy longer term sleep foundations.
Yes. If you have booked an In-home consultation of 20 consecutive hours or more, your Consultant will be on call to advise as needed.
Your infant’s safety is our utmost concern so we kindly request that you provide a good working baby monitor for your Consultant to hear and preferably to see your infants' every sound and movement. She will be checking your infant’s well-being throughout the night.
Baby Sleep Retreat promotes safe sleeping practices. Our duty as professional sleep consultants is to give you all the latest advice regarding safe sleep practices as provided by The Lullaby Trust. For any infant under 6 months old your Consultant would expect to be in the same room as your baby so that we can observe him correctly. If you do not want your Consultant to be in the same room as your baby and you are not with your baby too, then you will be required to sign a disclaimer to this effect.
We consider that as long as your infant has the appropriate pain relief throughout the sleep training, teething can be managed successfully and should not affect the sleep plan. For correct dosage we advise you to check this with your infants’ medical practitioner.
As a professional Sleep Consultant, our role is to inform you of the various existing, evidence-based sleep training methods, from the most gentle to the more controlled. We talk you through the methods, how they work and the pros and cons of each one. It is therefore you who makes the informed choice as to the sleep-training method that suits your baby and your family. We then coach you through your chosen sleep plan and offer you encouragement and support throughout.
This is not always an easy question to answer because all babies are unique, but we can say from previous experience each baby’s age, circumstance and unique personality brings a different reaction. Some babies surprise us by adapting so quickly to the advised plan that the question we are asked from their stunned parents is “why did he cry a lot less than he usually does?” On the other hand, we will not guarantee a ‘no cry’ solution as we pride ourselves in being completely honest with our clients and, quite frankly, some babies have stronger personalities than others and therefore like to make their thoughts well known!
Your Consultant will never force you to continue in your chosen sleep training method when you feel that it is not working for you. She will, whenever possible, give you alternative options allowing you take a step back and go a little slower.
You will see some initial encouraging signs within the first few days and established sleep 'habits' can take up to 6 weeks. The key to success is your ability to maintain consistency in implementing the advice your Consultant gave you during the consultation. Oh, not to forget patience, lots of it!
Each in-home consultation package has been carefully designed to offer you post consultation text support for varying periods of time. For specific details please see the full description of your package.
You will be expected to provide a bed or comfortable sofa for your Consultant to sleep whilst your infant is sleeping. When she is required to sleep in a different room to your infant, you will be expected to provide her with an infant monitor in good working order.

'Milk Matters' - Bottle refusal

We generally allow up to 48 hours for your baby to take a bottle of at least 100mls from both the Consultant and from one family member. However, if in the rare event that it took longer, we stay to get the right result at no additional cost.
No, she does not take on full care of your baby as we feel this would be too much of a change. She is there for the sole purpose of offering bottle feeds, advising regarding bottle feeding and keeping an objective eye on your baby’s well-being. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone from the family (father or grandparent etc) to spend quality time with your baby whilst you have a little ‘me time’.
Once you have confirmed the booking you will be provided with a short list of specific items to prepare for the consultation.
Yes, you can because we have a habit of saying that the choice is always yours and its true. We offer you advice regarding breast and bottle feeding (mixed feeding) and expressing and you can ask as many questions relevant to feeding.
For your baby’s well-being we separate the two issues. During a Milk Matters - Bottle refusal consultation, we advise that you maintain all your baby’s familiar sleep habits. We advise that you wait at least one week between the Milk Matters -Bottle refusal consultation and any sleep consultation.
We have a 100% success rate to date with bottle refusal bookings. We have designed our own gentle method so we are calmly confident that we can get your healthy baby to accept to feed from a bottle. We feel this is the best and most honest 'guarantee' we can give you before actually meeting your baby.
This has never happened. We monitor your baby constantly to ensure there are enough wet nappies, your baby is alert and healthy. As your baby’s well-being is foremost in our minds, if we ever have any concerns whatsoever regarding her/his health, we would always share them with you.