Terms and Conditions – ONLINE CONSULTATIONS



The online consultation date and time is guaranteed on receipt of full payment only

By booking a package, the Client, confirms that his/her infant has no known medical condition that prevents his/her infant from following a sleep and/or feed plan.

It is recommended that the Client check this with their medical practitioner.

All communication regarding bookings, call dates and times requires the Clients email confirmation.

The Consultant makes every effort to be reactive to all Clients e-mails, telephone calls, voicemail messages and texts. She politely requests her Clients patience in this matter as she may be in a residential consultation and will choose to attend promptly to the Clients emails at a more appropriate time.

To confirm a booking the Client will complete the online booking form with their preferred dates. These dates will be confirmed on receipt of payment.

Baby Sleep Retreat Consultants do not ‘hold’ online consultation dates and times prior to a confirmed booking.

Any available times quoted for the online call remain open to all prospective clients until a booking has been fully confirmed by email. The Client is encouraged to act promptly after receiving and discussing suitable dates.

If an online consultation is gifted to a third party, the third party will receive these Terms and Conditions prior to the consultation


Payments are received by bank transfer and in pounds sterling only

Packages have a strict no-refund policy

On receipt of an invoice payment is made in advance by same day bank transfer. The Client is kindly requested to send the Consultant a text message once transfer of funds is complete.

On receipt of payment, the Consultant will send the Client:
i. A receipt clearly stating that payment has been received
ii. A choice of available dates and times for the online video consultation
iii. In relevant cases, the infant historic to be completed and returned to the Consultant
iv. In relevant cases, the sleep and/or feeding diaries to be completed and returned to the Consultant


The first consultation will take place provided that the Consultant has received all requested information (i.e. infant historic, feed and/or sleep diary…) at least 24 hours prior to the agreed online consultation time. The Consultant requires time to study the documents carefully because this information is important to the success of the consultation. Any delay in returning the infant historic form may delay the date and time of the consultation call.

Baby Sleep Retreat regrets that the Consultant is not able to respond by text to the Clients administrative requests regarding online call availability, postponement etc.

The Consultant receives and responds to a high number of infant related text messages. All administrative requests are performed by email only.

All consultations calls are pre-booked – excluding 15 minute follow up calls.

Booking the online consultation call

The first online consultation call typically takes place within 2 to 5 days from the date of payment.

The Client is responsible for placing the online video call to the Consultant at the agreed date and time via WhatsApp or Facetime calling. If, for any reason, the Client is late for the call the Consultant will use her discretion as to whether she can extend to include the full minutes booked but this is not guaranteed. The Consultant has limited availability and a high number of calls in any one day.

Despite all knowledge and experience, Baby Sleep Retreat Consultants can not guarantee a ‘no cry’ sleep or feeding plan. An infant may well crying when established habits are changed because (s)he needs time to understand and adjust to your newly chosen and advised plan.

During the consultation the Consultant will not offer medical advice to the Client.

Baby Sleep Retreat Consultants follow the recommendations and advise regarding safe sleep practices as laid out by the Lullaby Trust: https://www.lullabytrust.org.uk/

The Consultants role is ultimately and solely to advise and offer limited support to the Client.

Calls are a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 1.5 hours.

Each consultation period that has been started is considered as used in full regardless of whether or
not the client chooses to use all pre-booked minutes. The only exception to this is if, for any reason, there are technical difficulties and the call continually fails. In this case the meeting will be re-scheduled to a mutually agreed time and the remaining minutes will be used within the re-scheduled call.

Each consultation is unique to one named infant and cannot be transferred to another infant or household.

Many essential checks will have been carried out before and during the residential consultation to ensure the information provided is suitable. This attention to detail is important to verify that each Clients concern regarding their infant concern is of a behavioural nature and not a medical disorder.

Baby Sleep Retreat strongly advises that the Client does not share with third parties any infant related information provided by the Consultant including but not limited to the written summary or summaries of the online consultation. Any information provided by the Consultant, whether written or verbal, is unique to the Clients infant.

In all infant related care, the key to a satisfactory result is to maintain continuity in the chosen sleep or feeding plan.

The Client is aware that it takes an average of 6-8 weeks to see more habitual patterns. This can vary further depending on the Clients chosen plan and the extent of the infants previously learned sleep/feeding habits.

Baby Sleep Retreat regrets that the Consultant cannot offer an ‘extension’ to the validity time of the online consultation package


Baby Sleep Retreat uses the What’sApp for texting and calls due to its encrypted privacy feature.
Where an online consultation package states that text support is included, the Client will receive responses to WhatsApp text requests between 08:30-20:30 (GMT) every day of the week.
It is not always possible for the Consultant to respond immediately to WhatsApp texts. However, she will make every effort to respond within 24 hours.

When included in the online package, text support begins after, not before, the first online consultation and is valid until the last validity date of the relevant online consultation package.

Any texts or questions sent by midday on the last date of the support will receive a response within 24 hours. Thereafter the text group will be closed and removed from the Consultants mobile phone.

The Whats App consultation group is used for the sole purpose of communicating between the Client(s) and the Consultant regarding the infant and not for administrative purposes.

To avoid confusion between a Client simply giving an update and a question that requires a response, Baby Sleep Retreat respectfully requests that the Client types “QUESTION” prior to asking for advice. Failure to do so may result in confusion for which the Consultant cannot be held responsible


Postponement of the call is possible within the stated validity period provided the Client clearly advises the Consultant by both email and text at least two hours prior to the agreed date and time of the call and subject to the Consultants availability.

The revised consultation date must fall within the validity period of the relevant package.

The Consultant may be in a consultation and will endeavor to confirm receipt of the Clients advised postponement as soon as she is able to.

If the Client does not meet the call at the agreed date and time or requests to postpone less than 2 hours of the call start time, a consultation call period of one hour is considered as used in full

6. FORCE MAJEURE or ‘out of our control’

No Liability
The Consultant will not be liable for delays due to causes beyond their reasonable control such as, but not withstanding, adverse travel and transport conditions.

Best efforts to attend or communicate
In the event of non-attendance, whether in person or by other forms of communication, as a result of any cause beyond their reasonable control, including but not withstanding Travel, advice from Foreign and Common Wealth Office, Terrorism and Act of God. The Consultant shall nonetheless exercise their best efforts to attend or communicate with the Client


All information and personal details provided by the Client during the consultation period is treated as strictly confidential. The information we collect from the Client is not shared with others or sold to companies for marketing or any other purposes.

Baby Sleep Retreat warrants that, to the extent it processes any Personal Data on behalf of the Client it shall act only on instructions from the Client according to General Data Protection Regulation.

For initial inquiries (email, telephone or text message), the Consultant will store personal records for a period of 6 months from the date of first contact.

For initial inquiries that are converted to a confirmed booking, the Consultant will store personal records for a period of 12 months from the date of first contact.

Following the consultation validity period, the Client can exercise their right to prevent their information from being stored by us by requesting by email that their personal information be removed from our system: contact@babysleepretreat.com

We may disclose the Clients personal information if we are required by law to do so.

For existing Clients of Baby Sleep Retreat and within the above stated time frames Baby Sleep Retreat Consultants may contact the Client by electronic means (email or SMS) with information about services similar to those which were the subject of dealings with the Client.

Online copyright

Baby Sleep Retreat website information may not be republished, re-transmitted, redistributed, or otherwise made available to any party or on any website, online service or bulletin board or make the same available in hard copy or in any other media without Baby Sleep Retreats express prior written consent. Baby Sleep Retreats copyright  must remain on all reproductions of material


If the Client deliberately chooses not to follow safe sleeping recommendations as laid out by The Lullaby Trust, the Client acknowledges the risks involved in ignoring any or all of them. Baby Sleep Retreat and the Consultant are released from all liability that may occur

The Client understands that any attempt on the Clients part to discredit Baby Sleep Retreat and/or the Consultants, on social media and any other media source will be deemed as defamatory.

The success of the online consultations relies on numerous factors such as the Client giving a full and precise account of the infants history, personality, state of health, relational and dietary habits, sleep environment and the Client being consistent in following the advice

We reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions, or any part of them, at any time, so please feel free to ask for our Terms and Conditions again

The Client is also deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions when the Client accepts an invoice and these Terms and Conditions are the entire agreement between the Client and the Consultant

When an online consultation is gifted to a third party, the third party will receive these Terms and Conditions prior to the consultation.

In no event will the Consultant be liable for any problems, arising from any claim or action, incidental or directly or indirectly relating to advice, injury, medical or other consequences of any kind, to baby, child or adult, relating to any care or help or advice given by verbal, WhatsApp or other digital communication, or home visits or by any other method of communication. It is the responsibility of the person receiving such advice to decide whether to act upon or not and do so at their own risk.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the client hereto agrees to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in relation to the resolution of any dispute that may arise out of or in connection with any of these Terms and Conditions.