Child Sleep 2-5 years

Healthy sleep is an invaluable investment into your child’s future.

This is the ideal consultation when:

  • Your child is refusing to go to bed and stay in bed
  • You are worried your co-sleeping child will be disturbed by the new baby
  • Your child has nightmares and it’s disturbing everyones sleep
  • Your toddler won’t settle down in the evening and is still waking up any time from 4am onwards


I offer you the answer to peaceful evenings and a good night’s sleep for the whole family.

Child Sleep 2-5 years at a glance:

- 1 full afternoon of advice + 2 consecutive evenings support
- 30-minute online call to discuss your concerns
- 2 weeks unlimited follow-on text support
- Full study of your infants food & sleep diaries
- Full analysis of your child’s history
- Written summary of the sleep plan
- Free membership to our exclusive MEMBERS CLUB (articles, evidence-based studies, recipes, activities etc.)
For full nights: See 'Options' below


Consultation fee £790


Extended night to 7am £160
Each infant related email response throughout the booking period £40
1 weeks text support £35
Each infant related text response before the consultation £5
Each additional infant added to the package £100


As a guideline, most consultations take place within 1 to 4 weeks of your booking confirmation. Specific dates are guaranteed on receipt of a completed booking form and retainer fee only. For further details you are invited to read our T &C’s.

Child Sleep 2-5 years in detail:

Day 1: Suzy arrives around midday. There is a period of observation whilst Suzy gently and intuitively approaches your child, ensuring that your infant is relaxed with her. She will listen to your concerns, preferences and go through your infants previous sleep history with you, see your infants sleep environment, study the diaries you will have prepared for her and meet any other siblings. You will be encouraged to choose a sleep training method that feels right for you and your infant so that Suzy can refine it with you. On the first night, having made your choice, Suzy will coach you through a ‘sleep friendly’ bath and bedtime routine. She will be that gentle ‘rock’ behind you, giving you advice and encouraging support whilst you start the sleep plan. She will leave once your infant is settled for the night and sleeping soundly.

Day 2: Suzy arrives around bath time. You will continue the sleep plan whilst she offers you guidance and encouragement. You may begin to see those very first signs of changes in your infants sleep behaviour. Once your child is peacefully sleeping in bed, Suzy will spend some time with you reviewing the consultation and answering any questions that might have arisen the previous night.

Text Support: The purpose of the text service is for you to be able to ask Suzy for advice and reassurance. If anything unexpected happens, you have the support you may need in those first weeks.

Useful information

The fee applies to consultations that take place within a 10 miles radius of Harrow-on-the-Hill Station. For other areas, please state your postcode and speak to Suzy.

If you book the full night option, Suzy will leave your home quietly by 6.30 am.

The in-home consultation fee is calculated on the basis of Suzy being a working guest in your home. You are respectfully requested to offer her a light evening meal.

For toddlers who still need a daytime nap, you might like to consider ‘Blissful Sleep’ 6 months-2 years

On a tight budget? The ‘Baby Matters’ consultation can be adapted to suit a one or two night consultation with children up to 5 years.

"Suzy is easy to talk to and easy to work with. Her ..."

"... enthusiasm is infectious. She is full of wise words and we learned more about our son's sleep and feeding needs than we ever thought possible in just five days."

Xin Yi, 7 month old, Singapore

"Since Suzy left, my 11 month old daughter's sleep has..."

" become totally solid. She eats more in one meal now than she used to eat in three days and she is much calmer, sharper and happier... My partner is 'herself' again"

Simon, UK

"Suzy has made a huge positive change to our lives by giving us ..."

"... great feeding advice! Her knowledge and enthusiastic support gave us the confidence we needed to get our son sleeping too."

James, 11 month old, North London

"I contacted Suzy on my doctors recommendation. At last, ..."

"...I had found a professional who understood us and respected my baby's emotional needs. She adjusted her advice to suit us as a family. We now have a healthy, happy little girl who actually sleeps all night"

Sienna, 18 month old, London, UK

"We wanted to co-sleep with our daughter but we also wanted sleep . . ."

"... without constantly feeding her back to sleep. I was really anxious about hiring a consultant but Suzy was happy to work with our ideas as a co-sleeping family. She gave us a few gentle boundaries which were surprisingly easy to apply. Such a relief!"

Samya, 10 month old, UK

""Terrified I would damage my girls, I needed someone I could trust to ..."

"... sort out our girls broken nights. It was a relief to feel supported and not judged.  I am confident now and my girls are a lot happier..."

Alexa (3 under 3yrs) , DUBAI

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