Newborn Twins 0-12 weeks

Offers flexibility, independence and peace of mind for the first 12 weeks from birth.

Does the prospect of caring for two babies scare you?

Would you like feeding, winding and sleep advice from a highly experienced professional?

Are you worried about coping with your new babies and your toddler?

We accompany you from birth right up to your babies 12th week birthday. This package offers a unique combination of in-home consultation(s) and online advice and support. Liz and Suzy have a gentle, supportive and nurturing approach. Tandem feeding, colic calming, interpretting baby cries, sleep settling and so much more, hold no secrets for these ladies.

Newborn Twins at a glance:

EITHER: 2 in-home consultations - 24 hours and 72 hours
OR: 1 in-home consultation - 72 hours plus 8 advice and support calls with brief written summaries (30-minutes per call)
30-minute pre-natal video call ``
1 week's post consultation text support
Written summary of advice offered during the video call
FREE Membership to our exclusive MEMBERS CLUB (articles, evidence-based studies, recipes and more...)


Newborn Twins £2,150

Additional options

For each additional email response not included in the package £40
1 weeks unlimited follow-on text support £35
Each baby related text response £5
10 hour Night Nurse Finishes at/before 8am £300

Newborn Twins in detail:

If you choose:  2 x in-home consultations, your first in-home consultation takes place within the first 6 weeks of birth; the 2nd in-home consultation takes place between your babies’ 8th week and 12th week birthdays.

If you choose:  1 x in-home consultation plus telephone support, these are pre-booked calls available when you feel you need help right up to your babies 12th week birthdays.

Useful information

Newborn Twins fee applies to consultations that take place within a 10 miles radius of Harrow-on-the-Hill Station. For other areas, please state your postcode and check the cost with your Consultant.

The fee is calculated on the basis of your Consultant being a working guest in your home.  If you have limited space, please call Liz or Suzy so that they can advise.

If you prefer a one-off consultation just for an expert to get you started caring for your newborn in your home: Quick Response or Twins Sleep Matters or Specialist Feed & Sleep or Holistic Gentle Sleep

"Liz inspires trust right from the start"

Liz inspires trust right from the start, she is a true professional.

Maria, London


“Liz got our twins to settle to sleep in their cots with little or no crying. As exhausted parents this has been life-changing for us. Her calm and gentle manner gave us the confidence to enjoy caring for our babies again.”

Juliette, London

"Huge amount of emotional support"

“My wife and I had been struggling for months with our two little girls and existing on very little sleep. We chose Baby Sleep Retreat because they came to our home, made sense of our situation and offered the huge amount of physical and emotional support that we needed. We learnt so much and they literally gave us back our sanity.”

Daniel, Finchley, NW London

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