'Milk Matters' - Bottle refusal

We currently have a 100% success rate.

Is your baby getting upset or only taking 30mls  or so of milk?

Do you need a little breastfeeding freedom to get some jobs done?

Our expert feeding consultant has a calm, no forcing approach to getting healthy, breastfed babies to enjoy bottle or mixed breast/bottle feeding, the choice is yours! She creates a trustful environment around bottle feeding so that your partner can feed your baby.

Ellie talks about her Baby Sleep Retreat experience:

'Milk Matters' - Bottle refusal at a glance:

One on one coaching of a family member to bottle feed your baby
Unlimited text support for 7 days following the consultation
FIXED FEE regardless of the time it takes your baby to accept a feed
Written summary of the advice offered
Free Membership to our exclusive MEMBERS CLUB (articles, evidence-based studies, recipes etc.)


Consultation fee £750

Additional options

Second person coaching £330
1 further week's text support £35
Each text response before the in-home consultation £5

'Milk Matters' - Bottle Refusal in detail

Your Consultant arrives in the morning and spends a little time getting to know you and your baby. She will advise you about expressing and storing your milk. You then take time out of the home and the chosen family member takes on the overall care of your baby.  It might be that an overnight stay is required.

Your Consultant keeps a particularly attentive eye on your baby’s well-being throughout the consultation, checking that there are wet nappies, respecting your little one’s emotional needs whilst gently encouraging bottle feeding. She will keep you updated, almost in real time, so that you are well informed of events throughout the consultation period.

Before she leaves, your Consultant will give clear instructions about maintaining the bottle or bottle and breastfeeding plan for the future.

Baby Sleep Retreat is confident that a positive result is not far away.

Useful information

The in-home fee applies for consultations that take place within a 10 miles radius of Harrow-on-the-Hill Station. For other areas, please give your postcode, full address if located outside the UK, and check costs with your Consultant.

This consultation is for the purpose of getting your baby accustomed to bottle feeding. For your baby’s well-being, we advise that any other concerns (sleep etc.) are addressed at later date.

The fee is calculated on the basis of your Consultant being a working guest in your home. If you have limited space, please call your Consultant so that she can help you find a solution.

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""It's perfect! I now bottle feed our son, my wife still breastfeeds..""

"Baby Sleep Retreats bottle refusal service worked really well for us. It's perfect! I now bottle feed our son and my wife still breastfeeds him.  We will definitely sign up for other services with confidence if we need them in future”

Edward, Ireland

"Such a relief and now we are co-sleeping peacefully through the night"

"I was extremely anxious about hiring a sleep consultant.  We loved co-sleeping with our 9 month old daughter, we just wanted to sort out the constant waking and feeding her back to sleep. Our Consultant was more than happy to work with us by setting a few gentle boundaries which were surprisingly easy to apply. Such a relief and now we are co-sleeping peacefully through the night."


"I have actually got my life back thanks to Baby Sleep Retreat!"

‘I was miserable and exhausted. I needed to find someone I could really trust and who would genuinely respect my babies individual personalities. Suzy allowed me to choose what I thought I could work with and which suited my ideas as a mum of twins and an older child….. I have actually got my life back, albeit busy, thanks to Baby Sleep Retreat!’

Alexa, DUBAI

"Huge amount of emotional support"

“My wife and I had been struggling for months with our two little girls and existing on very little sleep. We chose Baby Sleep Retreat because they came to our home, made sense of our situation and offered the huge amount of physical and emotional support that we needed. We learnt so much and they literally gave us back our sanity.”

Daniel, Finchley, NW London