Newborn Daytime Advice 0-16 weeks

A completely, tailor-made advice and support service. You build your package as you like.

Caring for a new baby can be a little overwhelming. Liz and Suzy have a gentle, supportive and nurturing approach and have, for over 30 years, guided hundreds of parents worldwide. They can give you peace of mind to enjoy those precious first weeks whilst showing you how to:

  • Decipher your babys uniquely different cries, what they mean and what to do to have a calmer baby
  • Bath, dress, change your baby and skin care
  • Breastfeed (avoiding low milk supply, sore nipples etc.), when and how to express, and how to store your milk
  • Bottlefeed, effectively manage a windy baby, correct equipment hygiene and sterilising
  •  Safe sleep, swaddle or not to swaddle, how much sleep your baby needs, recognising tiredness before it’s too late
  • Teach your baby to settle, safely and calmly in the day and at night
  •  Establish a gentle routine and when to start
  • Get out and about again with confidence
  • Fun and nurturing ways to bond with your baby and so much more….


This is a flexible  6 hour daytime consultation. You can choose the start time that suits you between 9 am and 3 pm

Newborn Daytime Advice 0-16 weeks at a glance:

6 consecutive hours in-home consultation
1 week of follow on text support
30-minute call (either pre-natal or postnatal)
Hospital list and newborn baby equipment list
Written summary of the advice offered
FREE membership to our exclusive MEMBERS CLUB (evidence-based sleep studies, newborn articles etc.)
Please see 'Additional options' below to tailor this service to your requirements and budget


Newborn Daytime Advice 0-16 weeks £420

Additional options with special offers

£5 off standard fees: Each 1/2 hour or part thereof that has not been pre-booked £30
15% off standard fees from the 2nd pre-booked, 'Newborn Daytime Advice' consultation £378
Each baby related email reply £40
*1 weeks text support (£5 off standard fees) £30
1 x 10 hour consecutive night to the 6 hour day (£110 off the standard fee) £160
1 x 10 hour night not consecutive to an in-home consultation (finishes by 7am) £270
Each 30-minute (or part thereof) baby related call with email summary £40
Each baby related text response (outside of the 1 weeks follow up) £5

Newborn Daytime Advice 0-16 weeks in detail:

30-minute online call: It’s your choice as to whether you prefer to use the advice call pre-birth or post-birth, any time within the first few weeks.

In-home consultation: Your Consultant arrives at your preferred time and will put you at ease whilst listening to your concerns. She may answer any initial questions then perhaps see your babys sleep area and observe feeding and sleep settling so that she can see where you might be struggling. She can show you some different feeding positions, making you more comfortable, effective winding techniques and recognising the very first tired signs with gentle sleep shaping so that you gain confidence in being able to put your baby down  or have something to eat with your partner. If you are exhausted she will watch over your baby for you whilst you take a nap. Just a little time to switch off and relax knowing your baby is in very experienced hands.

Text support for 1 week: After the in-home consultation, at any time you have a question, you can text your Consultant and expect a reply within 24 hours (often earlier)

Useful information

The fee applies to consultations that take place within a 10 miles radius of Harrow-on-the-Hill Station. For other areas, please give your postcode and check additional cost with your Consultant.

The Newborn Daytime advice fee is calculated on the basis of your Consultant being a working guest in your home. We respectfully request that you provide food and appropriate accommodation for her. If you have limited space, please call us so that we can advise.

Additional text support: To give accurate advice we can extend text support for one additional week only as babies between newborn and 16 weeks develop and change rapidly.

If you are considering booking several consecutive days and nights we suggest:  Holistic Gentle Sleep 0-1 year or Specialist Feed & Sleep 3-12 months can, on request be adapted to suit a newborn consultation.

"Settling to sleep by herself"

“Freya is like a different baby, its amazing!! She now settles to sleep by herself within 10 to 15 minutes and she sleeps well too. No more stressful bouncing for over an hour holding an angry, upset baby. Thank you!”


"Liz inspires trust right from the start"

Liz inspires trust right from the start, she is a true professional.

Maria, London

"She has a magic wand"

Liz is known in my family as ‘super liz’ we joke she has a magic wand! Her warm approach to me and wealth of knowledge on children meant we were able to enjoy our twins from the word go.

Lucy, Cambridge

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