Quick Response - 2 hour

Would you like to know when and how get your baby started on a gentle routine?

A quick reminder of those simple tricks that work with a newborn?

Is your toddler resisting the bath and bedtime hour?

Quick Response is ideal when:

You just need practical and tailor-made advice to set up a routine, learn some effective winding techniques in a newborn and understand the meanings of each cry. Also for those who need help to manage a toddler and baby during the evening ‘rush hour’.  We will work out a plan that works for you then give you ongoing support afterwards.

Quick Response 2 hours - at a glance:

2 hours with your consultant in your home
1 week of post-consultation text responses
Full analysis of your infant’s history
Summary email of the advice offered
FREE membership to our exclusive MEMBERS CLUB (evidence-based articles, case-studies, recipes etc.)
TWINS - 2nd infant FREE of charge


Consultation fee £290

Additional options

Each consecutive ½ hour (or part thereof) £50
Each email response within 7 days of the consultation £40
1 extra week of follow-on text support £35

Useful information

There is a limited amount of subjects that can be covered in 2 hours (sleep, feeding, winding, behavioural). Please call us to discuss suitability relative to your particular concern.

The fee is applicable for consultations that take place within a 10 miles radius of Harrow-on-the-Hill Station. For other areas, the Client is requested to state their postcode and check additional cost with the Consultant.

For more in-depth support: Baby Matters newborn – 1 year , Blissful Sleep 6 months – 2 years, Specialist Feed & Sleep 3-12 months,  Twin Matters newborn – 1 year, Twins Blissful Sleep 6months – 2 years


"Suzy's advice made sense to me so I knew it was right for my babies..."

Sleep was something everyone else was getting and not us.  Suzy's advice made sense to me so I knew it was right for my babies. We are sleeping so well now and this has given me a big boost of confidence.


"We strongly recommend this as a first class service"

Suzy stayed with us for 7 days and nights and she took a holistic approach. Before making any recommendations, she assessed our child’s personality, developmental abilities, diet and environment as well as our needs and objectives. It worked, we have all slept soundly ever since and we strongly recommend this as a first class service.

Ami, Indonesia

"Huge amount of emotional support"

“My wife and I had been struggling for months with our two little girls and existing on very little sleep. We chose Baby Sleep Retreat because they came to our home, made sense of our situation and offered the huge amount of physical and emotional support that we needed. We learnt so much and they literally gave us back our sanity.”

Daniel, Finchley, NW London

"Doctor's recommendation"

"It was on my doctor’s recommendation that I contacted Baby Sleep Retreat. I felt I had finally found a consultant who was understanding of our situation and respectful of my baby's emotional needs. She didn’t force me to do anything that went against my ideas, rather she adjusted her advice to suit us as a family. We now have a healthy, relaxed little girl who actually sleeps at night..."

Jessica, London

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