Blissful Sleep 6 months-2 years

Healthy sleep is an invaluable investment into your infant’s future

This is our most popular consultation because you can have the latest, evidence-based advice and the success rate is particularly high.  Your Consultant’s extensive experience of all sleep situations is invaluable in those first few days because she can guide you and tell you what is ‘normal’ and how to manage each situation as it arises. She will work with you through each step of your chosen sleep plan so that you see improvements in a relatively short space of time.

Blissful Sleep 6 months-2 years at a glance:

2 1/2 days & 3 consecutive nights in-home advice and support
30-minute video call giving 'projects' to prepare your infant for the next stage
2 weeks unlimited, follow-on text support
A full analysis of your infant’s history
analysis of feed & sleep diaries
Written summary of advice offered during the video call
Written summary of the bespoke sleep or feed plan
FREE membership to our exclusive MEMBERS CLUB (evidence-based research, case-studies, nutritious recipes etc.)


Consultation fee £1,440

Additional options

Each infant related email response throughout the booking period £40
1 extra week of unlimited text support following on from the in-home consultation £35
Each infant related text response before the in-home consultation £5

Blissful Sleep 6 months-2 years in detail:

30-minute online video call: Your Consultant will talk you through some first stage ‘projects’ to help prepare your infant for the main sleep plan.

Day 1: Your Consultant arrives around midday. She will spend time with you both, studying your infants personality and ensuring that your infant is relaxed with her. She will also listen to your concerns and give you up-to-date sleep information whilst answering some of your questions. She will then talk you through various options for refining the sleep plan. With evidence-based information, we feel it’s important that you, as parents, choose the sleep training method that is right for your infant and your family as a whole. On the first night, your Consultant will begin the tailor-made plan. Your infant is in the safe hands of your experienced Consultant who will keep you informed of her progress in ‘real time’. If you prefer to stay with her she will respect this choice.

Day 2: Your Consultant will demonstrate your chosen plan so that you can observe the fine details then she offers you step by step guidance and enthusiastic support. She will continue to guide you through possible adjustments to the daily routine. She may even introduce some fun developmental activities for you both to enjoy!

Day 3: This is the day where your Consultant steps back whilst you and your partner put into practice your new sleep plan. She still remains in the background to answer your questions. On the last evening, whilst your infant is sleeping peacefully, you will spend about 30 minutes or so with your Consultant reviewing your infant’s sleep plan. She will also go through common issues that affect sleep and how to handle different scenarios. On the last night, your Consultant remains ‘on call’ until the following morning when she will leave you confident to continue with your new found skills.

Useful information

In the following cases we advise that you consider booking Specialist Feed & Sleep3-12 months or Holistic Gentle Sleep Newborn-1 year if:
1. You or your partner are particularly anxious or suffer from post-natal depression
2. Your baby suffers from reflux, allergies or other medical condition under your physician’s guidance (excluding teething)
3. Your baby is under 6 months old (we show you gradual sleep shaping, not Sleep Training which is only suitable for infants from 6 months)

The Blissful Sleep is in high demand because it has a high success rate. Before booking please call Suzy or Liz to check current availability.

The fee applies for consultations that take place within a 10 miles radius of Harrow-on-the-Hill Station. For other areas, please state your postcode, or full address if outside the UK, and check additional cost with your Consultant.

Teething, if correctly medicated, is generally not considered as a reason to delay sleep training for infants from 6+ months.

The fee is calculated on the basis of your Consultant being a working guest in your home. We respectfully request that you provide food and appropriate accommodation (bed or sofa + bedding). If you have any concerns about accommodating your Consultant, please call Suzy or Liz so that they can help you find a suitable solution.

For other suitable sleep packages please see: Baby Matters Newborn-1 year, Specialist Feed & Sleep 3-12 monthsChild Sleep 2-5 years


"My 11 month old daughter's sleep has become totally solid"

"Since Suzy left, my 11 month old daughter's sleep has become totally solid. She eats more in one meal now than she used to eat in three days and she is much calmer, sharper and happier... My partner is 'herself' again"

Simon, UK

"Settling to sleep by herself"

“Freya is like a different baby, its amazing!! She now settles to sleep by herself within 10 to 15 minutes and she sleeps well too. No more stressful bouncing for over an hour holding an angry, upset baby. Thank you!”


"Suzy literally gave us back our lives"

“I was terrified that by choosing to sleep train my 10 month old little girl I would somehow damage her and the bond I had with her. We chose a gentle method and six weeks on I can see I couldn’t have been more wrong. My little girl hardly ever cries now because she is no longer sleep deprived and more importantly, the bond I have with her is even better than before. In one week Suzy literally gave us back our lives.”

Amelia, UK

"With so much support I was able to stick to the sleep plan"

‘Liz’s support during the night meant that with her support I stuck to the plan and didn’t give up. After she left, her continued support via messaging meant she answered any questions I had quickly and clearly.’

Claire, London

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