Holistic Gentle Sleep Newborn-1 year

This is our quintessentially bespoke service designed to meet the needs of our most discerning clients both in the UK and internationally. The elite consultation for sleep or feeding issues, newborn care, nanny training and more.

Our highly experienced Consultant is on-hand day and night to offer you tailor-made advice and to offer you gentle guidance and support. Throughout the consultation period, your infant’s emotional and physical well-being are your Consultants utmost concern. We are confident that you will see positive changes during the consultation period.


Holistic Gentle Sleep Newborn-1 year at a glance:

7 days & nights with advice and hands-on support (over a period of 8 days)
45-minute video call to discuss your infants' history and how to prepare your infant for the consultation
Unlimited text support throughout the full Holistic Gentle Sleep package
Full analysis of your infant’s history
Complete study of feed & sleep diaries
Written summary of advice offered during the call
A comprehensive email summary of your tailormade sleep/feed plan
FREE 1 year membership to our exclusive MEMBERS CLUB (evidence-based studies, articles, activities, recipes etc)


Consultation fee £POA

Holistic Gentle Sleep Newborn-1 year in detail:

*Gentle Carer: Refers to a third person who cares for your infant (nanny, family member etc).

45-minute online video call: Your Consultant will go through your infant’s history and hear your concerns whilst talking you through the options available to you.

What to expect during the in-home consultation:

Day 1: Your Consultant begins the consultation by observing the dynamics around your infant and getting to know your infant’s personality. Her approach is gradual to ensure that your little one is confident around her. This is also an ideal time for you to learn about sleep science relative to your situation. Throughout the night, your infant will be in the safe hands of your highly experienced Consultant as she continues to observe your infant so that she can fine-tune the details of your chosen plan.

Day 2: Your Consultant will guide your infant through any adjustments to the daytime, ie diet, sleep and playtime activities etc. which favour healthy sleep and development. That evening she will begin the tailor-made feed/sleep plan. She will keep a diary of events so that she can meet with you the following day to inform you of your infant’s progress and discuss the core concern. If you prefer to observe quietly through the night that is fine too.

Day 3: Throughout the day yourself or the Gentle Carer will shadow your Consultant.  She will encourage you to learn about the new daytime plan and why it is important for your infant’s physical and mental development. She will answer questions as they arise and she may even introduce some fun development activities which encourage healthy mental and cognitive progress.

Day 4: Today is the day that, under the supervision of your Consultant, you or the Gentle Carer will practise the techniques that have been demonstrated to you. This is a concentrated learning day for all concerned.

Day 5: Now that you have learned the foundations for correcting the initial concerns you had, your Consultant will take a temporary step out for 24 hours to allow you to put into action the new skills.

Day 6: Your Consultant returns to see how you have managed and to answer any questions or make adjustments according to the report received from you.

Day 7: This day allows for your infant to adjust to any changes at his own pace and to maintain continuity of the plan. By now you will see some clear progress. On the last evening, whilst your infant is sleeping peacefully in bed, your Consultant will request about 30 minutes of your time to review the plan and  give you some useful tips regarding common issues that may affect your infant in the future including teething, developmental leaps, travel and jetlag. That night, you or your chosen person will continue to consolidate your infant’s sleep plan. Your Consultant is now ‘on call’ whilst you or the Gentle Carer is fully responsible for your infant’s care.

Day 8: Your Consultant is sad to leave you, but happy knowing that you will all continue to make significant progress with your infant.

Useful information

Clear improvements can be seen during and after the in-home consultation.

Consistency in following the Consultants advice is important for the success of the tailor-made plan.

We offer a complete package within this consultation. However, should you feel that you require an additional service, your Consultant will be happy to hear to your request.

Your Consultant is a working guest in your home and requires appropriate food and accommodation for the full duration of the consultation.

For each 24-hour period, your Consultant takes a 4 hour rest period.

"We strongly recommend this as a first class service"

Suzy stayed with us for 7 days and nights and she took a holistic approach. Before making any recommendations, she assessed our child’s personality, developmental abilities, diet and environment as well as our needs and objectives. It worked, we have all slept soundly ever since and we strongly recommend this as a first class service.

Ami, Indonesia

"Huge amount of emotional support"

“My wife and I had been struggling for months with our two little girls and existing on very little sleep. We chose Baby Sleep Retreat because they came to our home, made sense of our situation and offered the huge amount of physical and emotional support that we needed. We learnt so much and they literally gave us back our sanity.”

Daniel, Finchley, NW London

"I can’t recommend Baby Sleep Retreat highly enough"

‘I can’t recommend Baby Sleep Retreat highly enough. When my baby was 3 months old we had some serious napping issues. A short series of online calls and supportive texts and the problem was solved. The advice we received was gentle, warm and targeted towards my daughters personality and individual needs.’

Chloe, UK

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