Child Sleep 2-5 years

Healthy sleep is an invaluable investment into your child’s future

Is your child refusing to go to bed or constantly getting out of bed?

Are your child’s nightmares disturbing everyone’s sleep?

Have you got a toddler who wakes up regularly from 4.30am onwards?

Our Child Sleep package offers you the answer to peaceful evenings and a good night’s sleep for the whole family.

Child Sleep 2-5 years at a glance:

1 full afternoon + 3 full consecutive nights in-home advice and support
30-minute online call to discuss your concerns
2 weeks unlimited follow-on text support
Full study of feed & sleep diaries
Full analysis of your child’s history
Written summary of the sleep plan
Free membership to our exclusive MEMBERS CLUB (articles, evidence-based studies, recipes etc.)


Consultation fee £1,160

Additional options

Each infant related email response throughout the booking period £40
1 week of unlimited text support £35
Each infant related text response before the consultation £5
Each additional infant £150

Child Sleep 2-5 years in detail:

Day 1: your Consultant arrives around midday. There is a period of observation whilst your Consultant tactfully approaches your child, ensuring that there is a relaxed atmosphere. She will talk you through various options for suitable sleep plans. We feel it’s important that you choose the sleep method that is right for you and your infant. On the first night, having made your choice, your Consultant will advise and offer you encouraging support you whilst you put her advice into practice.

Day 2: Your Consultant arrives around bath time. You will continue the sleep plan whilst she offers you guidance and encouragement. You may begin to see some positive changes in your infants sleep behaviour.

Day 3: On the last evening, as before, you will follow the sleep plan with your Consultant in the background, but still in a supportive role. Once your child is peacefully sleeping in bed, your Consultant will spend some time with you reviewing the consultation and answering any questions that might have arisen. That night, your Consultant remains on call throughout the night giving you the confidence to follow through with the sleep plan.

Useful information

The fee applies to consultations that take place within a 10 miles radius of Harrow-on-the-Hill Station. For other areas, please state your postcode and speak to your Consultant.

For each full night, your Consultant arrives around 6.30 pm and leaves around 6.30 am the following morning.

The in-home consultation fee is calculated on the basis of your Consultant being a working guest in your home. We respectfully request that you provide a light meal for her on the first day.

For toddlers who still need a daytime nap, you might like to consider Blissful Sleep 6 months-2 years

On a tight budget: Baby Matters can be adapted to suit a one or two night consultation with children up to 5 years.



"Still in touch nearly 3 years later"

I was able to breastfeed the girls for longer than I had expected. She taught me how to do things properly and look after myself enough to pump. I still contact her with questions to this day, nearly 3 years later.

Lucy, Cambridge

"She has a magic wand"

Liz is known in my family as ‘super liz’ we joke she has a magic wand! Her warm approach to me and wealth of knowledge on children meant we were able to enjoy our twins from the word go.

Lucy, Cambridge

"I can’t recommend Baby Sleep Retreat highly enough"

‘I can’t recommend Baby Sleep Retreat highly enough. When my baby was 3 months old we had some serious napping issues. A short series of online calls and supportive texts and the problem was solved. The advice we received was gentle, warm and targeted towards my daughters personality and individual needs.’

Chloe, UK

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