Twin Matters 0-18 months

 IN-HOME CONSULTATION – Advice and support in ‘real time’

I come with my extensive experience and knowledge of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, weaning, sleep patterns and so much more…

‘Twin Matters’ is ideal when you would like:

  • To get a better understanding of your newborn twins physical and emotional needs (feeding, winding, interpreting cries, bonding, sleeping…)
  • To learn simultaneous breast or bottle feeding or easy weaning
  • Advice to get your babies started on a gentle, age appropriate routine
  •  Help to get started on a tailor made sleep plan
  • Advice and a nights rest to feel refreshed to start a new daytime routine
  • Reassurance that you will get answers to your questions even after the consultation

Twin Matters at a glance:

8 hour day and 1 consecutive night of tailor-made advice
30-minute video call to discuss your concerns in preparation for the consultation
1 week of follow on text support
Written summary of the advice offered
Observation period to study both infants' personalities
Membership to our exclusive MEMBERS CLUB (evidence-based articles, sleep articles, recipes etc.)
Twin Matters 48 hours: As above but offers a less intensive option of 1.5 days and 2 consecutive nights in-home consultation with TEN days of follow-on text support.


Twin Matters 20 hour - 8 hour day and 1 consecutive night £540
Twin Matters 48 hour - 1.5 days and 2 consecutive nights £1,020

Additional options

1 night added to Twin Matters (up to 10 hours) £250
Each infant related email response throughout the package period £40
1 week of follow on text support £40
Each infant related text response before the in-home consultation £5

Twin Matters in detail:

30-minute online video call: I listen to your concerns then talk you through some simple projects to prepare your infants for the in-home consultation and what to expect etc.

In-home consultation: I arrive around midday. I observe each infant individually, getting to know their unique personalities. This is the ideal time for you to share your parental views so that I can take this into careful consideration when offering you advice which is also tailored around your infants. I can help you address sleep issues or tandem feeding in younger babies or managing the evening rush hour effectively, setting a precedent to a good nights sleep etc. I will advise and offer support through the night, leaving you by 8am so that you are ready to start the day with new knowledge.

Twin Matters 48 hour – A full additional 24 hours allows me to demonstrate and walk you through an ideal daytime pattern and give you support on your very first day of a new, tailor-made sleep or feeding plan. I can be there to give you hands on support during nap settling and meal times.

"Suzy literally gave us back our lives. I was terrified that..."

“... by choosing to sleep train my daughter I would somehow damage her and the bond I had with her. We got to choose a gentle method and six weeks on I can see I couldn’t have been more wrong. My little girl hardly ever cries now and the bond I have with her is even better than before. In one week Suzy literally gave us back our lives.”

Amelia, 10 month old, UK

"Suzy's advice made sense so I knew it was right for my babies. . ."

Sleep was something everyone else was getting and not us.  Suzy's advice made a lot of sense so I knew it was right for my babies. We are sleeping so well now and I feel a big boost of confidence.


"Suzy's determination and enthusiasm were contagious. We immediately felt the 'calm' ..."

" as soon as she arrived. For 4 days, she embraced our parenting style, including our toddler and training our nanny and all in great humour. We now have a flexible but solid feeding plan. Suzy, you ROCK!"

Anna, 6 month old, London, UK

"Suzy tells the truth and doesn't over-sell her service..."

"... We are much more confident now and clearly, her advice has worked for us!"

Eliza, 3 week old, North London

""Terrified I would damage my girls, I needed someone I could trust to ..."

"... sort out our girls broken nights. It was a relief to feel supported and not judged.  I am confident now and my girls are a lot happier..."

Alexa (3 under 3yrs) , DUBAI

Useful information

The fee applies to consultations that take place within a 10 miles radius of Harrow-on-the-Hill Station. For other areas, please give your postcode and call me to check additional cost.

Twin Matters 20 hour is an intensive consultation. When you are truly sleep deprived, to really get you started whilst having professional, in-home support consider ‘Twin Matters 48hr’ or perhaps add an additional night (see ‘Options’).

For sleep concerns with an overall holistic approach: Twins Blissful Sleep (6 months-2 years). Holistic Gentle Sleep (0-2 years)

Just a handful of questions?: Quick Response 2 hour

To encourage a stable and secure environment for your infants during the first stages of an advised plan, we suggest that you keep a clear diary for at least 5 days following the consultation. This will give you and your infants time to adjust.

The fee is calculated on the basis of your Consultant being a working guest in your home. We respectfully request that food and appropriate accommodation are provided. If you have limited space, please call Suzy so that she can advise.

For each 24 hour period, your Consultant is required to take a 4 hour rest period.

 We invite you to read our In-Home Terms and Conditions prior to booking

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