Specialist Feed & Sleep 3-24 months

Healthy sleep and feeding are priceless investment into your infant’s future.

Is sleep deprivation causing you to take shortcuts with your baby just to get sleep?

Is weaning to solid foods turning into a losing battle?

Would you like help to get started on a sleep-friendly routine?

Ideal if: you are anxious about making changes and in ‘sleep survival’ mode rather than by choice. We show you a gentle approach to getting your young baby into a sleep-friendly pattern, or weaning your baby off feeding to sleep or managing consistent night sleeping in reflux babies, weaning to solids etc.  Your Consultant will give you practical, positive choices then help you follow through with your tailor-made plan.

Specialist Feed & Sleep 3-24 months at a glance:

3 1/2 days & 4 consecutive nights advice and support from your Consultant in 'real time'
30-minute video call with ‘projects’ that prepare your infant for the in-home consultation
10 infant related text responses to be used within the booking period
2 weeks' unlimited follow on text support
Written summary of the video call
Full analysis of your infant’s history
Complete study of feed & sleep diaries
Written summary of the sleep and/or feed plan
FREE membership to our exclusive MEMBERS CLUB (evidence-based studies, sleep and feeding articles, recipes etc.)


Consultation fee £1,950

Additional options

Each email response throughout the booking period (infant related) £40
1 extra week of follow-on text support £35
Each text response before the in-home consultation £5
2nd infant for the full package £200

Specialist Feed & Sleep 3-24 months in detail:

40 minute online video call: Your Consultant will talk you through our unique projects designed to prepare your baby for the upcoming sleep/feed plan.

Day 1: Your Consultant arrives around midday.

She will spend time observing your infant and get to know your infants personality and also listen to your concerns. She will give you current and relevant facts about sleep science whilst answer your questions. She encourages you to choose which sleep plan you feel suits your infant and your family as a whole. You will begin in the evening with a gentle bedtime routine and your Consultant will start your chosen sleep training method. She will explain what she is doing and why and will keep you informed of events almost in ‘real time’. If you choose to accompany her throughout the night that is fine too.

Day 2: On this day, your Consultant will guide you through the daily routine and, if necessary, she will make adjustments that are in tune with your infant’s natural body clock. This is the night when you will carry out the tailor made plan under your Consultants guidance whilst she offers you gentle support and lots of encouragement.

Day 3: Throughout the day your Consultant will continue to give you information regarding sleep, routines etc. and why her advice is important for your infant. You will start to gain confidence in using the techniques you have been shown. If time allows, she may even introduce some fun developmental activities for you to enjoy with your infant.

Day 4: On the last evening, whilst your infant is sleeping peacefully in bed, you will spend 30 minutes or so with your Consultant reviewing your baby’s sleep/feed plan and, looking to the future, she will give you some useful tips regarding common issues that may affect sleep. On the last night of the consultation, your Consultant remains discreetly in the background enabling you to gain confidence in applying the techniques you have been taught. Your Consultant is ‘on call’ until the following morning. She will leave you, confident that you can follow through to a more restful nights sleep.

Useful information

The fee applies to consultations that take place within a 10 miles radius of Harrow-on-the-Hill Station. For other areas, please contact us stating your postcode, full address if outside the UK, and check additional cost with the Consultant.

Teething, with correct pain relief, is generally not considered as a reason to delay sleep training for infants from 6+ months.

The fee is calculated on the basis of your Consultant being a working guest in your home. We respectfully request that you provide food and appropriate accommodation for her. If you have limited space, please call Suzy or Liz so that they can help you find a solution.

For more in-depth support see: Holistic Gentle Sleep



"My 11 month old daughter's sleep has become totally solid"

"Since Suzy left, my 11 month old daughter's sleep has become totally solid. She eats more in one meal now than she used to eat in three days and she is much calmer, sharper and happier... My partner is 'herself' again"

Simon, UK

"Doctor's recommendation"

"It was on my doctor’s recommendation that I contacted Baby Sleep Retreat. I felt I had finally found a consultant who was understanding of our situation and respectful of my baby's emotional needs. She didn’t force me to do anything that went against my ideas, rather she adjusted her advice to suit us as a family. We now have a healthy, relaxed little girl who actually sleeps at night..."

Jessica, London

"Je recommande Baby Sleep Retreat à toutes les mamans…"

Mon fils (6 mois) n'arrivait à se rendormir qu'au sein toutes les 2 heures. Nous avions toute essayé avant de contacter Baby Sleep Retreat. J’ai suivie les conseilles et je suis stupéfaite du résultat en seulement 3 jours! Mon enfantfait ses nuits. Son développement physique et moteur s'est beaucoup accéléré. Tout cela en douceur et en s'adaptant à la personalité de mon enfant. Je recommande Baby Sleep Retreat à toutes les mamans…

Eve-Marie, FRANCE

"With so much support I was able to stick to the sleep plan"

‘Liz’s support during the night meant that with her support I stuck to the plan and didn’t give up. After she left, her continued support via messaging meant she answered any questions I had quickly and clearly.’

Claire, London

"I have actually got my life back thanks to Baby Sleep Retreat!"

‘I was miserable and exhausted. I needed to find someone I could really trust and who would genuinely respect my babies individual personalities. Suzy allowed me to choose what I thought I could work with and which suited my ideas as a mum of twins and an older child….. I have actually got my life back, albeit busy, thanks to Baby Sleep Retreat!’

Alexa, DUBAI

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