This months most frequently asked question:

“Why does my breastfed baby refuse to drink milk from a bottle? I have tried ‘everything”
Suzy suggests: We often presume that because we know what a teat and bottle are for, that a baby should understand too. In fact, often the breastfed baby has never really had anything else in his mouth except soft fleshy skin. So when we give a bottle we have a tendancy to just put it directly into the babys mouth. For sure, if someone did that to me without warning and without ‘introducing’ the bottle at very gradual stages I would probably turn my head away in surprise too, wouldn’t you? It then becomes a battle or, at best, a chewing game and either way your baby doesn’t know that it’s for the purpose of actually feeding. So take it step by little step, very gently, remaining calm and you might just see a positive result. If not, you can always contact us and we know we can help you.

Why is sleep so important?

By setting strong sleep foundations your infant will have:

  • Increased mental development, ability to learn new skills, new milestones such as rolling and crawling
  • Greater memory and capacity to learn new things
  • A more sociable attitude with others
  • More confidence and curiosity to explore and develop
  • A better immune system against coughs, colds, and general childhood illnesses
  • A healthy body clock and take proper age-appropriate naps

If you are worried that perhaps your infant is not getting enough sleep, why not give us a call.

Is this the right time to start introducing solid food?

The NHS recommends weaning your baby onto solid food at 6 months. What if your baby is ready to wean onto solid food before then?
Here are just a few of the signs that your baby might be ready:

  • Holding his or her head up and controlling head movements
  • Sitting up well when supported
  • Making chewing motions
  • Being more curious about what you are eating and less interested in the bottle or breast

If you are wondering when and how to get your infant started on a positive food journey why not call us.


'Milk Matters' Bottle refusal testimonial

Some interesting facts about infant sleep

1 hours extra sleep in each 24 hour period affects intelligence by 2 years

75% of children have sleep issues in their lives and most of them are preventable

There is a 94% significant improvement in an infant’s sleep disorder if it is a behavioural one, when a tried and tested sleep training technique is used

Humans should spend one third of their lives sleeping

Infant sleep problems can lead to poor maternal mental health and postnatal depression (Harriet Hiscock 2001 & 2017)

Sleep techniques can reduce infant sleep problems and associated maternal or paternal depression for up to 16 months (Anna Price and Armstrong 2012)

3% of infants have obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) according to the British Lung Foundation, it is most commonly found in infants between 3 and 7 years old.

"Huge amount of emotional support"

“My wife and I had been struggling for months with our two little girls and existing on very little sleep. We chose Baby Sleep Retreat because they came to our home, made sense of our situation and offered the huge amount of physical and emotional support that we needed. We learnt so much and they literally gave us back our sanity.”

Daniel, Finchley, NW London

"Liz inspires trust right from the start"

Liz inspires trust right from the start, she is a true professional.

Maria, London

"Suzy literally gave us back our lives"

“I was terrified that by choosing to sleep train my 10 month old little girl I would somehow damage her and the bond I had with her. We chose a gentle method and six weeks on I can see I couldn’t have been more wrong. My little girl hardly ever cries now because she is no longer sleep deprived and more importantly, the bond I have with her is even better than before. In one week Suzy literally gave us back our lives.”

Amelia, UK

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